Month: August 2014

Twin Atlantic – Great Divide: Album Review

Scottish rockers, Twin Atlantic have quickly risen through the ranks since forming in 2007. Bagging support slots with some massive names in the industry, including fellow Scots Biffy Clyro and pop punk icons Blink 182. Not bad for the bragging rights at all. Continue reading


Leeds Festival 2014: Ones to watch

So the festival season’s drawing to a close, we’ve had our summer of performances to remember, weather to forget and a shit ton of of drinking. Well, we nearly have, there’s still that small matter of Reading and Leeds festival.

Still one of the giants of the festival scene, and still capturing some of the biggest names in music today. Last year two veterans of the festival scene, Green Day and Eminem topped the bill, along with Scottish Rockers Biffy Clyro finally, and deservedly getting their shot at the final prestigious slot.

This year organiser Melvin Benn has once again drawn in some massive names, I’ve tried to compile a list of the bands, I reckon you’d be foolish to miss when you take to the fields, a pretty impossible task I know.

In No particular order:

1.Queens Of The Stone Age:
It only seems, for some bizarre reason, that it’s only over the last couple of years that QOTSA have been considered headline material for major festivals. It’s something I’ve never understood, taking their monumentally impressive back catalog out of the equation for a second, their reputation as a live band is second to none, one of the few PROPER rock bands around at the moment. There’s no doubt in my mind they’ll prove their worth as a headline act (even if it is a sub slot with Paramore, they’ve definitely drawn the short straw on that one), but they’ll make festival organisers everywhere wonder why it’s taken them so long to start booking them for the top slots.

2.Enter Shikari:
Any regulars to the festival will have no queries with this one I’m sure, the genre abusing outfit from Hertfordshire have become somewhat Reading and Leeds festival furniture over the last few years, appearing at every festival since 2009 in some form or another, last year debuting their side project Shikari Soundsystem. There’s got to be a reason they keep booking them right? Shikari have got the reputation as one of the best live bands around regardless, that reputation just takes an even bigger boost every time they take to the festival stage.

3. Crossfaith:
The Japanese metal outfit have exploded onto the scene in the last year, bringing their unique erm metal infused electro? whatever it is it sounds unreal. They’ve brought something completely new to the scene and seriously are a breath of fresh air, the sheer energy that radiates from them when performing is something incredible for a band that seem to have come out of no where. Think of a heavier sort of Enter Shikari, it’s about the best I can do to describe them until you see them yourself. 

4. Royal Blood:
Another one who have just took the music scene by storm in the last year or so out of absolutely no where. An absolutely massive sound for just two lads, one on bass and the other on drums. No guitar you ask? you wouldn’t even realise, the sounds that come from Mike Kerr’s bass are something else, it’s genuinely baffling how such a noise can come from just two of them. They’ve already toured with Arctic Monkeys before even releasing an album, surely they’re worth a watch just on that?

5. Marmozets:
Another newbee in the big picture, a band that have been making a fearful reputation for themselves, in fact it’s hard to speak to any metal fan who hasn’t at least heard of Marmozets these days, despite only forming 3 years ago. The female fronted group have toured relentlessly and are definitely now reaping the rewards for their hard work.

6. Architects:
At the opposite end of the scale from Marmozets, Architects have become one of the bands that now set the benchmark for any groups trying to break onto that scene. After their latest release “Lost Forever // Lost Together” has seen the Brighton outfit really come into their own, it’s set them apart from being ‘just another metalcore band’ that’s just as quickly forgotten as they came,

7. Touche Amore:
Masters of the melodic hardcore, Touche amore made their name with passion filled live performances, with an intensity that can’t be rivaled. Their belted our chorus’ make for maximum goose bump inducing crowd involvement (and nine times out of ten result in a free for all stage invasion). The lock up stage provides the perfect, smaller environment that the group excel at performing in.

8. Mongol Horde:
A festival debut for another favourite of Reading and Leeds, Frank Turner’s newest project have scored a big slot as the second highest act of the night on the Lock Up. It’s hard to know what to expect from this new Punk / hardcore project of Frank’s. On record they sound like a more refined, matured version of Frank’s pre acoustic days of Million Dead for those who are familiar. But going off his reputation as a live performer on the whole, we already know what an incredible show he puts on whenever he takes to the stage, whatever name it’s under.  

9. While She Sleeps:
After a pretty length lull on the Sleeps front, following vocalist Lawrence Taylor having to undergo throat surgery, the Sheffield lads have shaken off the cobwebs and erupted back onto the stage this year, after taking Download festival by storm a couple of months back it put aside any doubts fans may have had about how the vocals would hold up, in fact they now sound better than ever.

10. Blink 182:
They had to get a mention, last but not least, pop punk legends Blink 182. Still one of the most successful and well known bands on the planet after more than 20 years in the game, it would be criminal not to go and recapture the copious amounts of teenage angst that Blink 182 have captured perfectly in their never ending back catalog, no matter how old you are it’s impossible to argue how much of an important band they have been for so long, and if that’s not enough, getting to see Travis Barker do his thing on drums in person is something on par with an out of body experience. Just go and see them.

So there you have it, my top picks for Reading and Leeds over the weekend, There’s obviously a whole host of other names that could be thrown into this, but for now, that’s what I’m going with.