Music Review section: University portfolio assessment

Here I have selected a number of, what I consider to be my strongest music reviews that I completed during my placement period. I have also tried to vary the types of reviews I have constructed by including two album reviews and live reviews from different publications, to fully display the diversity of audiences I was writing for depending on which magazine. I have also included a shorter single track review, to show I can write much shorter, concise pieces when necessary.

Jamie T – Carry on the grudge (Album review)

5 years is a long time ey? That’s how long it’s been since we last got a Jamie T album with the critically acclaimed “Kings & Queens”

The album signals a change of pace for Jamie, let’s not forget he was 24 when we last got material from him, he’s closer to 30 now, it wouldn’t be fair to expect the same angsty fast paced style all the way through. Things change with age, song writing isn’t immune from the changes that are part of growing up, something which is clearly evident in “Carry on the Grudge”

Full article Published on Vulture Hound magazine

Jesus Fucking Christ – Homophobia is like totally gay (Album review)
Jesus Fucking Christ (Remi Semshaug Langseth) has dropped his debut release ‘Homophobia Is Like Totally Gay’, and for a one man project, it truly is something monstrous.

It’s like an insane middle ground between electronic, punk and rap. There’s this cohesion of different genres that produces a monumental noise, picture a middle finger to any sort of genre boundaries or expectancies.

Full article published on Punktastic magazine –

Beans On Toast – Lizzy’s cooking (Track review)
Not many people around the music industry have such an individuality as Beans on Toast, and as ever that’s the case with his new track ‘Lizzy’s Cooking’

A good old serenade sort of track, an appreciation for the other half, for something as simple as their cooking. It actually captures what Beans On Toast is about so well, such a simple sentiment goes with his style of songwriting. It’s not groundbreaking and deep, it’s a sweet, fun love song, sometimes music doesn’t need to be any more than that.

Full article published on Vulture Hound magazine –

Beans On Toast – Live @ Ruby Lounge Manchester

One of Manchester’s iconic rock and roll venues, The Ruby Lounge was singer-songwriter Beans On Toast‘s stage for the night – something which turned out to be a more fitting combination than expected.

Renowned as a musician who has never tried to kid anyone into thinking he’s something he isn’t or one who has taken himself too seriously, tonight was never going to be a typical gig. True enough, this turned out to be the case when Beans began playing a mixture of songs of his choice and calling for requests.

Full article published on 45 Magazine –

Peter Hook & The Light play triumphant homecoming gig

Back where it all started some 30 odd years ago for Peter Hook, well, kind of, let’s leave out the whole Salford / Manchester debate for the sake of this and concentrate on what really matters. The music.

Manchester’s iconic Ritz played host, with it’s famous “bouncy dancefloor” and rich history to one of the cities much loved talents with a richer history. This was set to be something a bit special, the band would be playing the full Low-Life & Brotherhood albums, that were released by New Order way back in 1985/1986, who Hook was an integral part of forming after the tragic ending of Joy Division.

Full article published on my own WordPress blog –


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