While She Sleeps – New World Torture (Track review)

Exploding straight in with a harmonious, chanting choir, the track is immediately set for something huge. The intricate melodic riffs that Sleeps have stamped their unique sound on and made their own in such emphatic fashion ring throughout the track building up to this massive breakdown, that sounds sort of like, dare it be said, very Slipknot-esque for a few seconds. Not to take anything away from the originality though, the whole song has the bands trademark sound plastered all over it, and if the rest of the new record is to be half as good as this, it could be their finest work yet.


Frameworks preview cover of “Fell in Love With a Girl”

The White Stripes’ “Fell In Love With a Girl” is arguably one of the most recognisable tracks around, and now it’s been given a much more robust treatment than its probably used to by post hardcore outfit “Frameworks”, and it makes for one hell of a racket.
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Michigan post-hardcore outfit La Dispute have dropped their latest album ‘Rooms of the House’, their first piece of work since ‘Wildlife’ in 2011. Continue reading

Bloody Mammals – Eventually Your House Will Burn Down: Review

Aimlessly scrolling through twitter, a post comes up for a free download of a mini album from the post hardcore / punk outfit ‘Bloody Mammals’, who admittedly I hadn’t heard of before, but who doesn’t love discovering new bands, and after one listen to ‘Eventually Your House Will Burn Down’ I was grateful for my curiosity. Continue reading